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Hadwin's Judgement

2015 Theatrical Documentary, 87 mins

Directed by Sasha Snow

Cinematography by Simon Schneider and Sasha Snow

Hadwin's Judgement is an international co-production between the National Film Board and True West Films (It's All Gone Pete Tong) in Canada and Passion Planet (Waiting for Sugarman) in the UK. Urban Jungle Film's Simon Schneider's work on this film was nominated for Best Cinematography in a Feature Documentary at the 2016 Canadian Screen Awards and Won a Leo in the same category. 

A gorgeously photographed, compulsively watchable and deeply sympathetic film that avoids dates, maps and biography in favour of myth and mystery.”

— Globe & Mail

“A haunting, thought-provoking and beautifully filmed legend.”

— One Movie Film Reviews

“One compelling film with a beauty that becomes ever more precious as we bear witness to it’s destruction. Hadwin’s act was a supreme statement of self-sacrifice, akin to God watching the crucifixion of Christ.”

— The Windsor Square

“A magisterial environmental indictment as well as being a cinematic work of pure beauty.”

— Sequences, La Revue De Cinema

 Won for Best Cinematography, Leo Awards 2016

 Nominated for Best Cinematography, Canadian Screen Awards 2016

 Nominated for Best Feature Documentary, Canadian Screen Awards 2016

 Won Best Film - Mountain Environment, Natural History, Banff Mountain Film Fest 2015

 Hot Docs 2015, Toronto, Canada - World Premiere

 Docville 2015, Leuven, Belgium - European Premiere

Hadwin's Judegement film poster
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